Elvis Presley's 'Blue Suede Shoes' have just been turned blood red, as remix master Andy Rehfeldt has given the classic rock 'n' roll track a technical death metal makeover.

Originally written by Carl Perkins, 'Blue Suede Shoes' was taken to new heights by 'The King of Rock 'n' Roll' --Elvis Presley. Country legend Johnny Cash also had a hand in creating the concept for the '50s track after telling Perkins a story about how a military airman, who Cash met while serving in Germany, had dubbed his military regulation air shoes as "blue suede shoes." Shortly after, Perkins was playing a dance party when he saw a man lambast the girl he was dancing with for stepping on his blue suede shoes. Perkins began to write the classic track that very night.

'Blue Suede Shoes' certainly has a rich history, having been covered by acts such as Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, Helloween and the Beatles, but Rehfeldt is likely the first to turn the song into technical death metal madness. Rehfeldt, who has made viral 'Radio Disney' makeovers of Slipknot's 'Wait and Bleed' and Slayer's 'Angel of Death,' along with death metal versions of the Jonas Brothers' 'Paranoid' and Justin Bieber's 'Baby,' has created another hilarious remix spliced with video of Elvis Presley performing 'Blue Suede Shoes.'

If you want to see Elvis Presley shred on his acoustic guitar and unleash demonic gutturals while shakin' those morally corrupting hips like only he can, then check out this death metal version of the classic, 'Blue Suede Shoes.'

Elvis Presley, 'Blue Suede Shoes' (Death Metal Version)