Why does Justin Bieber look so disheartened, you ask? It's not because his last fan finally hit puberty -- he just heard the death metal version of his hit 'Baby' and realized it blows his original away. This list is a celebration of Internet culture and the creative minds who keep us on YouTube for hours while we're supposed to be working. So cheer up Biebs, if your pop career fizzles out, you can reinvent yourself as a death metal singer. For now, here's Loudwire's list of the 10 Best Death Metal Makeovers of Pop Songs:

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    Jonas Brothers

    Just pretend that this is the world we live in -- the Jonas Brothers' voices finally crack with wonderful results and Regis Philbin is no longer the loudest person in the room. This version of 'Paranoid' takes painfully cliche lyrics and turns them into gold with delightfully brutal death metal gutturals.

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    'The Birth of the Blues'

    Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong

    Think Death were the first "death metal" band and Suffocation's Frank Mullen was the innovator of the death metal growl? Think again. In this newly discovered footage, Old Blue Eyes and Louis Armstrong are shown performing their version of 'The Birth of the Blues' on the Edsel Show in 1957. As you can see, the duo invented death metal 30 years before it was "originally" developed. It has been reported that the mafia, unhappy with Sinatra's new direction, successfully buried the footage after shooting up Sinatra's Cadillac El Dorado and leaving a horse's head in Armstrong's bed.

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    'I See the Want To in Your Eyes'

    Conway Twitty

    The man greeting you in the beginning of this video is metal makeover virtuoso Andy Rehfeldt. Get to know Rehfeldt because his work dominates the majority of this list. This piece is originally performed by the late, great Conway Twitty -- accompanied by his Frankenstein wig and the most energetic backing band in country music history.

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    Rebecca Black

    When Rebecca Black's video for 'Friday' was removed from YouTube, the Internet community responded with fury and relief. After 167 million views, Black-heads around the globe desperately needed their fix. Luckily, many of them found solace in this deathcore version of the viral hit. The original video (which was blocked by Rebecca Black for copyright reasons) accumulated an impressive 6.6 million views in six months. The beast is obviously not finished with 'Friday.'

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    'Cry Me a River'

    Justin Timberlake

    'Cry Me a River' was the panty-dropping smash hit of 2002. Unfortunately, we had to put up with it for five years before this death metal version was unleashed on YouTube. The artists who threw this cover together are called the Ten Masked Men, possibly due to the fact that no metal musician wants to admit that 'Cry Me a River' has graced their eardrums.

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    'Bed Intruder'

    The Gregory Brothers

    Technically not a pop song, but starring the heroic crime-fighter known as Antoine Dodson, the original Gregory Brothers version of this autotuned masterpiece has been viewed 90 million times. Mix-master Andy Rehfeldt responded to the Gregory Brothers by creating the following hilarious short. If the real bed intruder saw Rehfeldt's version on the news, he would have turned himself in immediately, because life in prison is far less terrifying than Dodson's guttural threat of "We gon' find you!"

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    'What a Wonderful World'

    Louis Armstrong

    "I see skies of blooooood..." It seems like everybody knows and loves the Louis Armstrong classic "What a Wonderful World." The song has sold over a million units since its 1968 release and has been covered by artists such as Ministry, B.B. King and Joey Ramone. This version, however, may be the first ever death metal re-imagining of the song.

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    Holy crap, this video is terrifying! 'Disturbia' was the sixth (yes, sixth) single from Rihanna's 2007 album 'Good Girl Gone Bad.' Def Jam experimented with horror themes for the pop song, but this death metal retooling successfully turned a Rihanna video into a Gorgoroth video. Imagine running into this on MTV.

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    'My Heart Will Go On'

    Celine Dion

    Celine Dion's 'My Heart Will Go On' is one of the most cringe-worthy, vomit-inducing, bowel-blasting songs of all time. Throw in some gutturals, a double-kick pedal and an eerily evil sounding recorder-flute thing ... now we have something worthy of an Oscar. Be sure to ride this song to the end, because you'll hear Celine cross into black metal territory with a stunning combination of high shrieks over a symphony orchestra.

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    Justin Bieber

    If you didn't laugh hard enough the first time your heard Justin Bieber's 'Baby,' try seeing how far you can get into this death metal parody before your sides physically split. Look how cute he is pounding his chest like a big boy -- Bieber has certainly done his homework. Super-genius Andy Rehfeldt hit another home run with this version of 'Baby.' Death metal gutturals have never sounded so pleasing as when they're coming out of Justin Bieber's girlish mouth.

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