While its origins are vague, the term “Emo Holy Trinity” came into the bandom lexicon sometime around 2008, referencing the biblical Godhead nature of the “emo” scene’s three key players.

Because Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy had discovered Panic! At The Disco and signed them to his Fueled By Ramen imprint Decaydance, the two stood as the Father and the Son, respectively.

My Chemical Romance, while not necessarily sounding like either of them, were the supernatural weirdos in the shadows, hence — The Holy Ghost.

After some fighting, my (Cassie) begging to make the entire top four MCR and reading a lot of “I blocked Brendon Urie because…” tweets, we came up with this list.

Here are all the full-length Emo Holy Trinity albums, ranked.

Every Emo Holy Trinity Album Ranked From Worst to Best (My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco)

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