Enslaved have always been on the cusp of evolution. Throughout their 20-plus year career, they've continued to redefine their style without ever losing sight of their distinguished core sound. The Norwegians are about to drop their 14th studio effort, E, another consciousness-expanding album that finds the band mixing in even more fresh elements into their already diverse sound and they've just released the music video for "The River's Mouth."

This song is immediately more direct than the ethereal dreamscapes that opened the first single, "Storm Son," employing a rich, pendular rhythms accented by dissonant bursts of tremolo-picking and accompanying double kicks. Enslaved have always been adept at fusing their more extreme elements with their airier side driven by clean singing and these facets volley with streamlined fluidity throughout "The River's Mouth."

"'The River’s Mouth' is a quite heavy track, drawing both on our rock roots and of course the foundation of everything awesome: mid-'80s, mid-paced Bathory. It also includes some odd space-rock in the choruses and the end part - finally Bathory and Hawkwind met," began guitarist Ivar Bjørnson. "I like the energy of this song a lot – both Cato and new-kid-on-the-chopping-block Håkon is doing such a great job with the psychedelic parts, the chorus and the ending. What a drive! The end sounds like traveling at insane speed through wormholes."

As for the meaning of the song, Bjørnson continues, "The theme here is your relationship with the 'future' as we describe it; the sensation of time moving along is a construction of our brains – physics claims all time to already have been 'rolled out' — try wrapping our brains around that one! So the future would be, speaking in tabloid, a piece of land we just haven’t arrived at yet. But it is already here. The song is about acting in tandem with your future self which already arrived at this 'future island' – do not sit and wait, make sure you lay the ground for what is to happen in the future, now!"

will be released on Oct. 13 through Nuclear Blast and pre-orders are available now at the label's webstore. The black metal legends will kick off a European run on Nov. 11 and a list of all upcoming stops can be found at their Facebook page.

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