Eric Andre (aka Blarf) is making the rounds promoting his “unlistenable” new album, Cease & Desist. In one of Pitchfork’s Over/Under episodes, Blarf hilariously roasts Ted Nugent and KISSGene Simmons, taking brutal shots at both musicians.

Decked out in his homeless Ronald McDonald outfit, Blarf first verbally decimated Gene Simmons and the KISS bassist’s famed egomania. “Gene Simmons is a son-of-a-bitch,” Blarf declares. “You get me toe-to-toe with Gene Simmons and I will fuck his ass up. I will spread his butt cheeks, and I will lick.”

He continues, “I fucking hate that guy, he’s a fucking son of a bitch. KISS sucks, man. Give me a break with that shit. It’s like, ‘Lollypops, gumdrops, rainbows.’ They’re like if rock and roll tried to be a ride at Disney World or something. One guy wears cat makeup… they’re fucking embarrassing, they’re humiliating. And he’s such a misogynist, fucking bloated son of a bitch. ‘Bleh, suck my dick, go to my burger store at the Los Angeles Airport.’ He’s a fucking chauvinist piece of shit. Fuck him.” [bursts out laughing]

As for Ted Nugent, Blarf didn’t hesitate to bring out the sledgehammer. “Ted Bundy Nugent! Underrated, dude! You got his new album called Ban Abortion? He killed an abortion doctor on his latest album.”

“Fuck that guy, he’s a fucking scumbag piece of shit. Go fuck yourself, Ted. Teddy TED Talk Ted Bundy Nugent. I’ll see you at the TED Talk, you piece of shit.”

As for Cease & Desist, Blarf dares any fan of Eric Andre to make it just six minutes into the album. Listen to the full experimental release below.

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