We at Loudwire may be more in tune with heavy metal than sports, but that being said, we're still pretty psyched that football season is back once again. The same goes for ESPN commentator John Clayton, who turns out to be a pigskin-loving metalhead in a new SportsCenter commercial.

John Clayton is a respected sportswriter who joined the ESPN team in 1995. Clayton probably wasn't one to dance with the popular girls at his old high school sock hops, but as they say, the unpopular kids always go on to live the most interesting lives, as proven in Clayton's turn in the SportsCenter ad, where the 58-year-old journalist dons a sleeveless Slayer tee, a bedroom full of metal posters and handsome locks of hair just perfect for windmilling.

In the commercial, Clayton's conventional garb is proven to be merely the professional disguise of an unwavering metalhead. The brutal advert is capped off with Clayton jumping into bed and yelling, "Mom, I'm done with my segment!"

Check out this very funny SportsCenter commercial in the player below!

Watch ESPN's Slayer-Inspired SportsCenter Commercial