Ohio's Eternal Void are preparing to leave their mark on 2018 with the re-release of Catharsis next month. They've teamed up with Loudwire to unleash the album's bonus track and new single, "Suspended Animation," which can be heard above.

Eternal Void contrast light and shade with low slung, chopping rhythms and ultra guttural vocals accented by crisp, shimmering melodies that rely on simplicity to drive the catchier moments. Vocalist Logan Adams counters his feral barks with soaring cleans as the band breaks free from the standard metalcore mold of heavy verse and refreshing chorus by utilizing those melodic moments early on in the song. The clean break at the bridge offers some breathing room, perfectly setting up the heavy spike that comes at the end with traces of all the elements heard so far dovetailing for a thrilling climax.

"'Suspended Animation' was made around the idea of overcoming one's depression through gritting your teeth and pushing forward just before it takes its final hold on you," comments vocalist Logan Adams.

Guitarist Evan Hilderbrandt further detailed, "I wrote 'Suspended Animation' with the concept of depression being a physical and tangible entity. I really wanted the music to be dynamic and for the lyrics to paint a picture and take you on a journey as you listen to the song. The idea of being able to freeze time and observe your current surroundings in a different light was the inspiration for the song title, which actually came before any music was written. With the idea of freezing time, I wanted to envision what it would be like if depression became a toxic character in the story and what happens as it infects your body and slowly takes control."

Catharsis will be reissued out March 2 on Tragic Hero Records and pre-orders are available here.

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