The relationship between Black Flag co-founder Greg Ginn and his former bandmate Ron Reyes was already pretty divisive, but things likely got a little more tense when Reyes offered his recollections of Ginn's home life in a court affidavit.

Ginn's ex-wife, Marina Ginn, accused the musician of child abuse and asked a Texas court in October for an emergency motion to modify the parent-child relationship due to concerns over the health and welfare of her two daughters. Reyes, who sang for Black Flag until quitting the band while on tour in 2013, has shared his recollections of Ginn's home life, which supports Marina Ginn's accusations of drug use and physical and verbal harassment.

Consequence of Sound obtained the affidavit in which Reyes claimed that Ginn smoked marijuana in front of his daughters, frequently left them unsupervised and denied them food. Reyes also stated that Ginn's home is filthy and is home to a number of cats that the musician does not take care of. Reyes added, "The environment seemed totally inappropriate to me, and the way he completely neglected his daughters was very disturbing."

The vocalist also claims to have confronted Ginn about his drug use, but the musician threatened him and his family in response. "After the incident, our relationship continued to deteriorate to the point where we could no longer work together," says Reyes.

Reyes also offered a statement to Brooklyn Vegan on his affidavit. It reads as follows:

When you hear things that trouble your heart, especially the heart of a parent… well lets just say that it is hard to stay silent and wash your hands and somehow walk away hoping to remain safe and unaffected. I am very troubled by what I have heard over the last couple months. And all I can hope for is that somehow things will work out in favour of two very precious children so they can live a life that is safe and full of love, support and guidance they deserve. Whenever a woman speaks out about abuse people want to second guess her and cast shame and doubt over her claims. This infuriates me to no end as I have two daughters and a wife of 27 years that I love to death. It is just not right to immediately doubt and somehow pour shame onto a woman for speaking out based on gender. I have no love of lawyers and do not look forward to the backlash I will receive for lending a voice of support to those who have reached out to me. But called i have been and I just can’t ignore that. People please consider the source of all accusations carefully and pray for an outcome of peace and love and safety for children who cannot speak for themselves in court.

Marina Ginn also offered more details of her relationship with the rocker to Consequence of Sound. In it, she writes, "He left me destitute, battered and without child support. The situation was dire enough that I was homeless for a short while." She also adds that she briefly resorted to adult entertainment to get by and is disclosing the information to keep Ginn from blackmailing and exploiting her further.

The rocker pleaded no contest to domestic battery charges in 2006 and was sentenced to three years probation.