Death metal veterans Exhumed are set to unleash their latest full-length piece of gore, 'Necrocracy,' on Aug. 6 via Relapse Records. The record is very highly anticipated by extreme metal enthusiasts, and we're happy to expose you to one of Exhumed's new tracks, 'Sickened.'

Formed in 1990, California's Exhumed have based their sound in death metal while helping pioneer the goregrind sub-genre. What's goregrind, you ask? It's fast as hell, heavy on the ears and horrifyingly brutal in subject matter. Exhumed have proven themselves as perhaps the sub-genre's most important coalition.

"‘Sickened’ is probably our bassist Bodybag Babcock's favorite tune on the record, and may be the most thrashy tune we came up with for the record," says Exhumed frontman Matt Harvey. "It's fast, nasty and while hashing it out in the rehearsal room, we referred to the bridge section as the ‘Bay Area pit starter riff,’ which quickly endeared us to the song. We're definitely planning on including this in our live set when we head out with Dying Fetus this Fall, so get your puffy white hi-tops ready to run in a circle at the appropriate moments."

Harvey continues, "Lyrically, this is a nasty little tale with a slight historical twist -- it's basically about getting the bubonic plague, and not just twisted gory fate it brings, but the despair and isolation the disease brought, as our putrid protagonist's contagious condition causes him to be shunned by family and friends. So it's a real upper. Anyway, turn it up, pound a beer, find a friend, and then hit them.”

Treat your ears to some new Exhumed material by checking out 'Sickened' in the player below, and if you like what you hear, pre-order the album 'Necrocracy' here.

Exhumed, 'Sickened'