After recently revealing he was playing a solo on Exodus' upcoming album, Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett continued his association with his onetime band by joining them onstage during the 'Fear FestEvil After Party' that took place at San Diego's Comic-Con this past weekend.

Hammett joined the group onstage Friday night (July 25) for performances of 'Scar Spangled Banner' and 'Godzilla,' with fan-filmed footage of the latter performance featured in the video above. Hammett recently confirmed he'll lay down a solo for the new Exodus song 'Salt in the Wound.'

One other prominent person in the video of Exodus' performance of 'Godzilla' is the band's returning vocalist Steve 'Zetro' Souza. The rocker recently opened up about beginning his third stint in the band with Metal Insider.

While Souza was reticent to discuss the details surrounding his return, he did state that the timing felt right for his return. "Things happen, people change, things go on in life, and the life of the band is not like a football player or a sports guy who’s got his time and his time is over. It’s like you can always do this, so some times are right for you better than others," says the vocalist. "It wasn’t right for me, especially the last time. It was all on me. It just wasn’t right. Now it’s perfect, everything is perfect, the stars are aligned. It’s great. I’m very excited and I think that this is the best time so far. Everybody’s mature, we’re all older, we’re all 50 [laughs]. So it’s like 'we get it now.'"

Souza also confirmed that the band will play material from the Rob Dukes era while on tour. When asked about it, he responded simply, "Why wouldn't we? The songs are great. I didn't want to shun that at all."

The rocker also added that Testament's Chuck Billy has been a welcome addition during recent sessions, serving as part of the band's management team. "When I'm doing my vocals, Chuck's there," says the vocalist. "He and I have known each other forever, obviously. So we work really well together. We know each other really well. So if I'm doing my vocals in there and he's there, I can trust him to go, 'No way Zet, doesn't sound good like that. Do it like this,' or 'Yeah, that's killer.' If he says it sounds killer, I know it is."

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