It's harder than ever to grab attention amidst the many musical options out there, so Aussie punk outfit Fangz went a different route with their new video for "Let's Talk," which actually doubles as a Guinness World Record attempt. The band's frontman, Josh Cottreau, after researching his options, decided to give a go at breaking the Guinness World Record for the most hard boiled eggs eaten in one sitting.

That record is currently held by well-known competitive eating champ Joey Chestnut who took down 141 hard boiled eggs over the course of eight minutes. So Cottreau got yolked up for the experience and tried to take down Chestnut.

“After many attempts at releasing music to leave our mark on the world, we had the idea to try and cement our legacy in the Guinness Book of World Records. We had to choose a record and it took us months to find the correct one," said the singer in a statement.

He then added of his inspiration, “It was late one evening and the 1967 prison drama Cool Hand Luke was on free-to-air TV. Paul Newman (the salad dressing guy) attempted to eat 50 hard-boiled eggs in one sitting and I thought ‘yeah, I could do heaps more.' Fast forward to the present day and I’m now a world record holder. The day after filming, we flew to [Brisbane] and the smell on the luxury Virgin aircraft was horrendous.”

According to the video below, Cottreau claims to have eaten 143 eggs in three minutes, which would be a record, but it still has yet to be confirmed by the Guinness World Records organization who stated that they would be in contact over Cottreau's attempt.

The band had been teasing the egg-eating stunt in advance of Cottreau's attempt, garnering support in their native Australia from Aussie pop star Nikki Webster and boogie board enthusiast Schapelle Corby on social media.

The singer's most eggs-traordinary attempt plays out over the course of a music video for the Fangz song "Let's Talk" which has been edited to show some of the eating action as it took place. You can view that below.

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Prior to this world record breaking attempt, Fangz had been building a following in the Australian music scene dating back to 2019. They'd released three EPs and plan to celebrate this world record attempt by issuing a split vinyl 7" single with fellow Aussie rockers Captives. Check out the "Let's Talk" video and Cottreau's record-breaking attempt below.

Fangz Vocalist Josh Cottreau Tries to Break Hard Boiled Eggs Eating World Record

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