Puddle of Mudd's Wes Scantlin has penned many a song about youthful rebellion over the past decade, but the rocker himself reached a major milestone in life over the weekend. On Saturday (June 9), he celebrated his 40th birthday.

It's been a tough year for the rocker, who has been dealing with both domestic and legal issues, so having a birthday celebration over the weekend was likely one of the more joyous occasions so far this year.

While love hasn't been kind to the singer's heart, it has provided music fans with plenty of great songs. The band's first album alone churned out the heartfelt and tender 'Blurry,' the male ego-driven rocker 'Control,' and the tongue-in-cheek sing-along of 'She Hates Me.'

There's also great mid-career favorites like 'Away From Me' and 'Spin You Around' that kept things going, as well as such later era tracks as 'Psycho,' 'Famous,' and 'Spaceship' that helped resurrect the band's career a bit.

In celebration of Wes Scantlin's birthday, we want to know which is your favorite Puddle of Mudd song. Check out the poll below and cast your vote.