It's a big week for Slayer birthdays, as guitarist Kerry King turned 48 on June 3, while frontman Tom Araya celebrates his 51st on June 6.

King and Araya have both cemented themselves into the foundation of thrash, acting as two of the most influential and revered musicians in metal history.

Kerry King is a founding member of Slayer, but also played guitar for Megadeth in 1984. King chose to leave Megadeth to focus on Slayer, which created a rift between him and Dave Mustaine, as the Megadeth frontman encouraged King to leave the "poseurs," "lame spikes" and "eyeliner" of Slayer. Disregarding the advice of Mustaine, King went on to lead his legendary six-string to landmark albums such as 'Reign in Blood,' 'Seasons in the Abyss' and nine other Slayer albums.

Tom Araya began his adulthood has both a musician and a respiratory therapist, the latter of which helped finance Slayer's first album, 'Show No Mercy.' The wailing frontman famously quit his hospital job to partake in Slayer's first ever European tour. The decision was perhaps the greatest Araya ever made, as Slayer have been going strong for over 30 years.

To celebrate the birthdays of Kerry King and Tom Araya, we've rounded up each of Slayer's 23 official singles and turned them into a poll. We want to know which Slayer single is your all-time favorite. Cast your vote in the poll below!