On May 2, 2006, Tool's fourth studio album, '10,000 Days' arrived in stores in the U.S. (It was released a week earlier in Europe). The group, who had already established themselves in the rock community, sent fans into a frenzy with their first release in five years. This Readers Poll asks you, the Tool fans, to tell us which song off of the '10,000 Days' album is your favorite.

There are plenty of choices to choose from, with the group enjoying commercial success with the biting single 'Vicarious' and the aggressive favorite 'The Pot' in 2006. They also gave 'Jambi' a shot at radio as well the following year. The album also features such standouts as 'Rosetta Stoned,' 'Lipan Conjuring,' 'Wings for Marie / 10,000 Days,' 'Lost Keys' and 'Right in Two.'

The album went on to become the band's second chart-topping disc and Tool were rewarded with a pair of Best Hard Rock Performance Grammy nominations for 'Vicarious' and 'The Pot.' They would also win a Grammy for Best Recording Package for the album.

Check out the full track listing for the '10,000 Days' album (listed below), then let us know your favorite song off the disc by voting in the Readers Poll: