Master of the six-string Zakk Wylde has earned legendary status in the rock world, and we celebrate his career with five videos that will melt your brain into a useless paste. Having served as the lead guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne, fronting Black Label Society and collaborating with an endless list of musicians, Wylde has proven himself to be one of the most impressive and captivating musicians to ever pick up a guitar. In celebration of the virtuoso axeman's awesomeness, Loudwire presents the following Five Insane Zakk Wylde Guitar Moments:

  • Zakk Wylde + Slash Jam on Hendrix's 'Voodoo Child'

    In 1991, Zakk Wylde began a short-lived project called Pride and Glory. During one of the band's live shows, Wylde invited then Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash to join him on-stage. The six-string duo jammed on the iconic Jimi Hendrix track 'Voodoo Child' in a battle of improvisation and blistering guitar work for nearly 10 minutes in front of a roaring crowd.

  • Ozzy Gives Zakk the Stage in 1988

    Wylde was shot into the spotlight in 1987 after sending Ozzy Osbourne a demo tape of his playing. The prince of darkness was impressed enough to recruit Wylde to replace Jake E. Lee, making Zakk the second guitarist for Ozzy after the tragic death of the legendary Randy Rhoads. In this video, Wylde showcases an incredibly fast and beardless performance - completely blindsiding fans just being introduced to Ozzy's new axe-man.

  • Zakk Wylde Teaches Chicken Pickin

    Ever wonder how the hell Zakk Wylde can cram so many notes into a single bar of music? The answer is Chicken Pickin. Wylde has dedicated an incredible amount of time into video tutorials and if you want to learn shred like him, this is the video to watch.

  • Zakk Wylde Jams 'Paranoid' With Ozzy Osbourne

    Due to the unfortunate unravelling of Black Sabbath's 2012 touring plans, Sabbath vocalist Ozzy Osbourne embarked on the 'Ozzy and Friends' tour throughout Europe so fans could still get a partial taste of the legendary metal band. There were many special guests featured on the tour, including Zakk Wylde, who shredded through this rendition of the Sabbath classic 'Paranoid' while adding his own nuances into the track.

  • Black Label Society - 'In This River' Live

    'In This River' is a touching and heartfelt tribute to fallen Pantera guitarist 'Dimebag' Darrell Abbott. In this guitar-driven version of the song, Wylde shreds to the memory of his friend with undeniable emotional depth. This performance isn't as much dominated by Wylde's technical abilities, but the atmosphere created by him and his band.

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