Drumming is a skillset that requires patience and a boatload of coordination. While most five-year-olds are concentrating on keeping their Crayons within the lines, this little girl hammers away behind the drums. No, not the drum pad that is the typical introduction to the instrument -- we're talking the full kit! What makes this little drummer even more special is that she's covering the System of a Down classic "Chop Suey."

Beginning the cover with a yawn, Eduarda Henklein cruises through the song, making it look easy. She even implements the technique of resting the stick on the hi-hat rather than catching it to mute the cymbal during the spastic verse. Singing along while she plays, the Brazilian drummer doesn't simply hit the appropriate pieces of the kit; she puts on a performance. Smiling throughout, this little one looks like a pro.

The camera covers multiple angles, capturing shots of her footwork as well as her swift strikes of the sticks. She even has the wingnut affixed to the ride cymbal replaced with a sizable silver skull, making her kit as metal as she is. Hopefully next time we see Henklein at work, she'll have a kit to rival Queensryche drummer Scott Rockenfield's legendary chain-covered set or something else equally outrageous.

Henklein has more videos on her YouTube channel including another SOAD song, "Toxicity," along with Metallica, the Beatles and Pearl Jam. She even performed Guns N' Roses' "Welcome to the Jungle" on a Brazilian television program.

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