Remember back at the beginning of 2011 when everyone was waiting in such great anticipation to hear the shiny new album from Foo Fighters? Well, to introduce fans to that album, ‘Wasting Light,’ Dave Grohl and company posted a 30-second clip of the disc’s opening track, ‘Bridge Burning,’ on their website. Just over one year later, the guys are finally releasing the track as a proper radio single. It’s about time!

It’s no wonder the Foos used ‘Bridge Burning’ to kick off their seventh studio album and to introduce the disc to the world. The song launches with a sharp-edged riff and battering percussion before Grohl screams out the opening line, and the whole presentation leaves you wanting more. “These are my famous last words / My number’s up / Bridges all burned!” Grohl croons. Call it a kick in the gut that launches into the mayhem that is the Foos.

Throughout the verses, ‘Bridge Burning’ carries a steady, catchy, fast-paced meter that builds up to the catchy chorus. “Your bridges are burning down / They're all coming down / It's all coming round / You're burning them down / It's all coming round / They're all coming down / Your bridges are burning now,” Grohl freely sings. With this addictive chorus, the track holds up to the Foos’ most memorable hits, such as ‘All My Life’ and ‘Learn to Fly.’

Throughout ‘Bridge Burning,” the song’s brisk movement keeps the track quick, never lingering and before you know it, the ditty is over. Melodic but punchy, guttural but smooth, fierce but sensitive, ‘Bridge Burning’ carries all the typical ironies of a trademarked Foo Fighters track.

Listen to Foo Fighters, 'Bridge Burning'