Earlier this week, we reported on the “crying grown man” who was brought up onstage by Dave Grohl during Foo Fighters’ concert in Colorado on Aug. 16. The singer first noticed the emotional man while playing an acoustic rendition of “My Hero” and proceeded to have him come up onstage so Grohl could serenade him “man-to-man, prison style.” Thanks to modern media, “crying grown man” was tracked down and he called into a Colorado radio station to explain why he was so emotional.

The man known as “Anthony” told KBCO radio (listen below), “My mom died about six months ago. And I just got back from Europe putting her in her crypt, which is a crazy whole story in its own. He [Grohl] just started singing it and … I felt all emo," he told the outlet. "What I hated was that he was like, 'Oh, that drunk guy.' I was dead sober. I don’t drink. I might have had a little Colorado green, but I’m not a drinker.” During their interaction, Grohl referred to Anthony several times as being intoxicated, and "an emotional drunk mess." (Check out the video above.)

Anthony went on to say he was trying to go unnoticed when Grohl called him out and tried to get him to the front row of the audience before eventually bringing him onstage. “I was trying to hide from him. I was like, ‘I’m not coming up,’ he said. “I actually try to stay under the radar, but that doesn’t happen in my world.” Plus, he was worried that he wouldn't know the correct verse Grohl was going to sing next in "My Hero."

Overall though, it looks like “Good Guy Grohl” won over another person, as Anthony said of the frontman, “What a cool man he was, a super-cool dude.” Foo Fighters head to Kansas City, Mo., tomorrow (Aug. 21) and we'll see what surprises Grohl has in store for that show.

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