As the Foo Fighters continue to trek around the globe supporting their latest album, Concrete and Gold, the band performed at Ullevi Stadium in Sweden yesterday (June 5), the same venue where Dave Grohl famously broke his leg falling offstage nearly three years ago in 2015. Upon his return, he fooled the the crowd, sending out a stuntman to take a dive off the catwalk during the show's opening moments.

Walking out to chants from the crowd and roaring screams, each member of the Foos made their way onstage as the fans awaited Grohl's presence. He finally makes his entrance, dressed in all black and jets over to the catwalk, taking a spill off the side of the platform toward the ground below.

The real Grohl quickly charges the stage after a brief moment to let the incident sink in with the crowd and when the camera turns from the collapsed stuntman and back to the stage, Grohl can be seen leaning forward with his foot on the monitor. The band uploaded footage of the prank to their Facebook page, which can be seen above.

Earlier on the tour, Grohl endured an actual fall, tripping over the stage monitor. Thankfully, he dodged serious injury. "I almost just broke my fucking leg over there," said Grohl to the Florida's Welcome to Rockville festival crowd. "Here’s the way I look at it, when you get that close to breaking your fucking leg, that means it’s a good show."

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