Foo Fighters' current North American tour has been a very memorable one. After breaking his leg, frontman Dave Grohl has been performing on a specially designed rock and roll throne throughout the run. Plus, the band has brought up various fans and friends to sing onstage at different shows.

Friday night (Sept. 18), current Yes vocalist Jon Davison jammed with the band during the Anaheim, Calif. concert. Davison and Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins have been friends since childhood, something that Hawkins discussed during a break in the proceedings. Instead of a Yes classic like "Roundabout" or "Owner of a Lonely Heart," they played Rush's "Tom Sawyer," and you can check out the video above.

Davison said, "Taylor and I were the biggest Rush nerds in high school, mullets and everything." Hawkins told the crowd that they tried to learn a Yes song, but they didn't have enough time, and Grohl chimed in, "because they’re too f–cking hard.”

Davison did a great job, but then again he is a professional singer. At a Foo Fighters show in Edmonton last month, Grohl asked if anyone in the crowd knew the words to "Tom Sawyer," and a fan named Brian Roberts came up on stage and crushed it.

Foo Fighters play a show tonight (Sept. 21) in Los Angeles, and who knows what celebrities might join them? It will be interesting to see if Grohl goes into any details about the band reportedly being asked to play the Emmys last night, but then being uninvited.

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