Fresh off four wins thus far at the 2012 Grammy Awards tonight already, Foo Fighters took their brand of rock outside the Staples Center to a mass of their fans. 

Movie star and Tenacious D rocker Jack Black introduced the band with a funny speech about staying outside the Staples Center so he can keep is indie-cred intact. "You step into that Grammy room, you've gotta check your indie-cred at the door … right now the one band that has looked Grammy in the eye and managed to hold onto their indie-cred is gonna rock us hard."

The five-piece Grammy machine Foo Fighters began their outdoor performance with 'Walk,' the piece that won them the Grammy for Best Rock Song. Led by frontman Dave Grohl in a thrashing Slayer shirt, the band rocked from outside the Staples Center in a giant tent with thousands of rabid fans moshing and clapping along.

The rock show crowd gave the performance the perfect atmosphere for the Foos outside all the glitz and glamor of the Grammy Awards.

Foo Fighters are set to rock an experimental performance with Lil' Wayne, Deadmau5, Chris Brown and more later on in the show. Stay tuned for our coverage of that very special Grammys event.

Watch Foo Fighters Perform 'Walk' During the 2012 Grammy Awards