Foo Fighters have yet to announce an extensive North American tour for 2014, but a few of the band's enterprising fans in Richmond, Va. are not only hoping the group comes to play, they're banking on it. Organizers Andrew Goldin, Brig White, John McAdorey and Lucas Krost have launched a campaign to bring the band back to town after 15 years away with the promise of tickets sold.

Goldin tells, "They're awesome and we're all really big fans and they do a lot of fun stuff. We can really see them being flattered and into the idea." The idea that Goldin and his cohorts are pitching is that fans can purchase the rights to 1,400 Foo Fighters concert tickets for a show that's not yet scheduled to be held at a still-to-be-determined venue on a not yet chosen date. That would be up to the band to work out should they choose to come back to the town.

While Foo Fighters have played all around the world, the group has not made it back to Richmond since 1998 and Goldin is hoping the campaign will help bring them back to town on their next tour. He adds, "When we thought of the idea, it seemed like it would be a blast to try. We all love rock 'n' roll and a good challenge. Well, this gives us both."

The tickets are $50 apiece and Goldin says if they cannot reach their goal of selling out the proposed show or if the band says no, that everyone who contributed will get their money back. He adds, "We're not making a dime off this. In fact, we'll never even see the money." The organizers are using the Crowdhoster site, which makes sure that if the show happens, all the money will be transferred to the group and venue.

The organizers also created a light-hearted video to go along with the campaign that can be seen above. At present, the campaign has raised just shy of $4,000 en route to $70,000. Should they reach $65,000, they've already received a commitment from their local Sugar Shack Donuts to provide the final $5,000. Check out the campaign page at this location.