Former Iron Maiden singer Paul Di’Anno says he’s scheduled for knee surgery this June to repair a long overdue knee problem. During the Talking Metal podcast, the vocalist spoke in detail about his painful knee problems, scheduled surgery and recovery time, as well as his new band Architects of Chaoz. You can listen to the podcast below.

Di’Anno had this to say about his knee, (transcriptions via Blabbermouth) “I don't wanna swear… [Laughs] but it's f--ked. It's actually f--ked. Because this has been [going on for] seven years. I should have done this seven years ago. And now all the ligament is gone and all it basically is, is bone rubbing against bone. And, oh my God, it's so painful some days, it's unbelievable. And through my mother, I caught osteoporosis [a progressive bone disease in which the bone density reduces over years] as well. When you get to a certain age. And [I can't be] buggered with that. [I'm like], sod this; I can't be dealing with it. So [fixing] the knee will make it a lot better."

Di'Anno has a busy schedule this spring. He said during the podcast that he wraps up the Metal All Stars tour on his birthday (May 17) and then heads to the Rock Hard Festival shortly after that, where Architects of Chaoz will grace the stage. "We're debuting, at the Rock Hard Festival [in Germany], Architects of Chaoz, for the first time," said the singer. "We're doing about four of five new songs and some old stuff in there, 'cause we've got the opening slot of 45 minutes. And then I'm gonna play a clinic in Lithuania and I'm off. So, hopefully, [I can] get into surgery around June." According to their Facebook page, the band will release their first album The League of Shadows, on Friday, May 29.

The vocalist said he hopes to spend the rest of June and July resting from surgery and plans on being fully recovered by August. Starting on Aug. 3, he's set to continue his Metal All Stars performances in Argentina.

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