Former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent has heard the comments and speculation about his gender identity, and during a recent appearances on WESU's Noize in the Attic radio show, the musician addressed the speculation, admitting he prefers to keep the mystique of it all intact.

When asked if there was any truth to the reports that he was living his life as a woman, the guitarist stated, "Not that I know of. I don't know where they came up with this stuff ... But see, if I address that, then the mystique is gone. See, everybody loves the mystique. I think they love the mystique, because they don't know. So maybe I'll say, 'I'll let you guys decide,' but then everyone is still talking."

He continued, "I get mistaken all the time for something else, but what can I do? So when somebody ... you correct 'em, and they go, 'I don't understand.' So they go, 'Well ...' 'Then I won't correct you.' So maybe it goes that way."

Vincent said that he was unaware initially of the speculation, but learned that there was a film crew from Sweden attempting to track him down to make a documentary about him. Someone had emailed Vincent about the documentary that had aired in which they followed some girl to a bar, thinking it was him. "I'm thinking, 'What is this about?' I still haven't seen it," said Vincent. "But I actually wanna see this to see what they thought they found."

Hear more of Vincent's chat with Noize in the Attic below.

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