Michael Denner and Hank Shermann were part of some of the most iconic metal albums of all time. They were the guitarists for  when the band released their seminal albums Melissa (1983) and Don't Break the Oath (1984). Now, the two have formed their own band, simply dubbed Denner / Shermann.

The group, which also includes vocalist Sean Peck (Cage), bassist Marc Grabowski (Demonica) and drummer Snowy Shaw (Dimmu Borgir, King Diamond) will release their debut EP, Satan's Tomb, sometime later this year via Metal Blade Records.

Shermann says, "We have been writing and recording with an incredible lineup of musicians and the fans are in for a dark, classic, heavy metal treat for sure. We wanted to get back to the essence of what we created back in the early '80s. The music inevitably sounds like you would hope it to be, fans of our early work should be very excited."

Metal Blade's Brian Slagel adds, "I am super excited to welcome Denner / Shermann to the Metal Blade family. I have known Michael and Hank for more than 25 years. I am honored to be able to work with these two legendary musicians. Really excited to work with all the guys on this exciting new band!"

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of Don't Break the Oath, Denner and Shermann recently played a selection of music from the album. Check out the videos below.

Mercyful Fate Guitarists Play Don't Break the Oath Songs