Massachusetts-based Four Year Strong are inching towards the release of their fourth album, ‘In Some Way, Shape, or Form,’ on Nov. 8, and they recently hit the road to back the LP with a U.S. tour.

More specifically, Four Year Strong are headlining a mega alternative rock trek: the AP Tour. The jaunt -- which also features the Gallows, Title Fight, The Swellers and Sharks -- kicked off earlier this month and runs through Nov. 26 in Cleveland. Find a full list of tour dates, here.

So, just how are the guys of Four Year Strong taking the tour, thus far? Pretty well. “We’ve always admired the big sponsor tours like this that go out and really make a statement, and I think this tour does a good job of that,” co-vocalist and guitarist Alan Day told Loudwire.

The tour, added Dan O’Connor, the band’s other co-vocalist and guitarist, is packed with variety and youthful energy, and that’s what makes it tick. “People who come and check out this tour will, literally, from the moment the music starts to end of the show, see a ton of different bands, and these are all bands who care about what they’re doing and write real music,” he said. “There aren’t any backing tracks on this tour. It’s just a bunch of musicians, playing songs, and it’s a really cool tour to see, because there are so many different types of bands, but they all work so well together.”

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