Foxy Shazam have been conducting services for ‘The Church of Rock and Roll’ since the disc’s release in January, and now they're offering up a live treat in honor of our country's independence.

Gearing up to celebrate the Fourth of July, check out a live performance of their song ‘Freedom’ in the video below. Keyboardist Sky White thinks ‘Freedom’ is the perfect fit for a live video. "This song translates live much more intense than any of us anticipated," explains White to Loudwire. "The chorus is super heavy so every time coming out of the verses it's just really fun to get into it on stage."

Foxy Shazam’s reputation seems to precede them with their eclectic antics and over-the-top live shows but this video allows the band to show off their chops and let the music be displayed front and center - well, with a little headbanging and banter thrown in for good measure.

During the clip, frontman Eric Nally offers up some words of wisdom to the audience.“Here’s a valuable lesson I’m going to tell you,” starts Nally.”The mind is kind of like a parachute, it works a lot better when it’s open and if it’s not open, you’ll just hit the ground like a piece of bird s--t.” The band then busts into the song.

Nally closes out the song with these parting words, “Brain cells come and brain cells go, but Foxy Shazam will live forever.”

Foxy Shazam just announced that they’ll be spending the fall out on the road with Slash; check out all the dates here. And pick up a copy of Foxy Shazam's 'The Church of Rock and Roll' here.

Watch Foxy Shazam’s Live Video for 'Freedom'

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