Foxy Shazam have Feb. 14 circled on their calendar, so it's only fitting that the first taste of music from their upcoming album is titled "I'm in Love." The eclectic rock collective have put the final touches on their seventh studio album, The Heart Behead You, which is now set for a Valentine's Day 2022 release.

"I'm in Love" clocks in at just over a minute, giving fans a dreamy, horn-filled opening moment introduction prior to digging into a more eclectic array of music. The group also shot a psychedelic late '60s / early '70s styled vignette to accompany the new song that you can watch in full below.

Overall, The Heart Behead You spools out over nine songs, taking listeners on a journey through the highs and lows of love, both in a relationship and with oneself. Speaking about the album's theme, the group offered, “The title of the album The Heart Behead You is our way of saying let your heart be the guide. As artists there’s always a danger of overthinking what you're feeling so we choose to put the heart before the head.”

Get your first taste of new music via the "I'm in Love" vignette below, and check out the artwork and track listing as well. The Heart Behead You is due Feb. 14, 2022 via the band's own EEEOOOAH label and can be pre-ordered here.

Foxy Shazam, "I'm in Love"

Foxy Shazam, The Heart Behead You Artwork + Track Listing


1. I'm In Love
2. Heart
3. Only Love
4. Fall Into the Night
5. Kingdom Come
6. Dancing With My Demons
7. Nothing to Lose
6. Love Rush Ecstacy
9. Love Like This

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