Foxy Shazam and their single 'I Like It' earned their fourth straight victory in the Cage Match over the holiday weekend by defeating the Mars Volta. Today, they're vying for entry into the Loudwire Cage Match Hall of Fame as they compete in their fifth and final round.

Standing in Foxy Shazam's way is Deuce, the ex-Hollywood Undead singer who is getting ready to unleash his debut solo album, 'Nine Lives,' on April 24. He enters the Cage Match with the disc's first single 'America.' Check out the video for the song here.

So, will Foxy Shazam's 'I Like It' be forever immortalized in the Cage Match Hall of Fame or will Deuce win over 'America' with his new single? Listen to both tracks and vote for your favorite below:

Listen to Foxy Shazam, ‘I Like It’
Listen to Deuce, ‘America’