Fozzy singer Chris Jericho is one of our favorite people to chat with, so naturally, we caught up with 'Y2J' before a recent taping of WWE 'Monday Night Raw' in Brooklyn, N.Y. 

After doing some press in New York City, Chris Jericho hopped a cab and made his way into Brooklyn. Having never been to the building before, Chris met us outside the Barclays Center gift shop and we graciously valeted the wrestler / musician toward the back entrance. Although it was hours before showtime, a mass of WWE fanatics had gathered outside the Barclays Center VIP entrance to watch their favorite wrestlers arrive. Needless to say, when they saw Chris Jericho simply striding on the sidewalk, the scene turned into 'Dawn of the Dead.'

Safely through the the hoard of fans and into the building, we busted out the camera to talk with Jericho about Fozzy's upcoming tour with Saxon, new music from the band, why Zakk Wylde would make an exceptional wrestler + much more. Check it out in the video above!