Fozzy really started to emerge with their 2010 release 'Chasing the Grail,' so what will the band do to follow that up? Luckily, Loudwire can help you out with that as we provide you an exclusive album stream of the band's fifth studio album, 'Sin and Bones.'

In an exclusive interview with Loudwire, singer Chris Jericho recently told us of his musical process, "What I get from the road is I keep my eyes open at all times, and I'm always looking for song titles that intrigue me. And that's how I wrote my lyrics; backwards from song titles like 'Spider in My Mouth' or 'Sandpaper' or 'Dark Passenger' or 'She's My Addiction.' I have titles that I'll lay down and then work my way backwards from there. I think too because I've been to so many places and seen so many things, it gives you a different mindset as far as what to write about. I try to think of songs that are a little outside of the box and I try to be unique and original with every song that I write, including every title."

The group has already gotten off to a great start. The lead single, 'Sandpaper,' features special guest M. Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold. The tune recently completed a clean sweep of the Loudwire Cage Match to enter the Cage Match Hall of Fame.

And there's more great music to come. Motorhead's Phil Campbell lends his skills to the band's 'She's My Addiction,' and songs like 'Blood Happens,' 'Spider in My Mouth,' and the title track are also strong cuts.

Fans can catch the group playing the Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival. The trek launches Aug. 17 in Kansas City, Mo.

So check out Fozzy's 'Sin and Bones' in the album stream below before the disc arrives in stores Aug. 14. You can pre-order the disc via iTunes or in various editions at the Century Media store. And stay tuned for our full interview with Chris Jericho.

Listen to Fozzy's 'Sin and Bones' Album

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