Courtney Love is well known for putting all of her business, as well as that of others, out on Front Street via her Twitter account. The Hole frontwoman is currently in legal proceedings over a 2010 Twitter tirade, in which the opposing side is trying enlist the help of Frances Bean Cobain, Love's only child with late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain.

According to SPIN, Love is being sued over libelous statements she made about her former lawyer Rhonda Holmes via Twitter, one in particular where she claimed the lawyer had been "bought off." The Hollywood Reporter furthers the story, saying that Holmes' attorneys have served a subpoena to Love's daughter Frances Bean.

The involvement of Frances Bean seems unorthodox, but the case itself is highly unusual. Love will be the first one in the United States to stand trial for a statement made on the popular social networking site. Holmes legal team is likely hoping that Frances Bean would throw her mother "under the bus" after publicly calling for Love to be banned from Twitter -- a move caused when she made false claims that Dave Grohl had tried to seduce her daughter.

Holmes attorneys requested sealed documents from Frances Bean's old custody case and a video deposition from the 19-year old. However, Frances Bean is seeking a protective order from the deposition and is looking to avoid the proceedings completely, claiming she was not under her mother's care at the time of the incident.

Love nearly avoided time in court over a previous Twitter rant against designer Dawn Simorangkir, whom she reportedly called a "drug-pushing prostitute with a history of assault and battery who lost custody of her own child and capitalized on Love's fame before stealing from her," amongst other things. Love settled that case out of court for a mere $430,000, this time she may not be as lucky.