Are My Chemical Romance reuniting? Surprisingly it was Jonas Brothers’ Jo-Bro Joe Jonas who stirred the pot earlier this year, stating during a radio interview that he had spotted the band rehearsing next to them in New York. Well, My Chem guitarist Frank Iero has now responded to the reunion talk, with a hilarious video trolling Sophie Turner’s new hubby.

As a refresher, Jonas told KISS FM, "I’ve got some dirt. My Chemical Romance were apparently rehearsing next to us in New York recently, which — I thought they broke up, so … that’s the gossip!"

Poking fun at the nature in which Jonas delivered the news, Iero, sporting a Raiders jacket and fake eyebrows, mirrored the delivery pretty faithfully, stating in the newly surfaced video, "Hey, got a little dirt for ya, a little scoopy poop. Apparently the Ramones are playing down the hall from us in Moscow. Thought those guys were supposed to be dead or something. I don't know what that's about.” Watch it below.

While this would seemingly signify no My Chemical Romance reunion, Iero did reveal earlier this year that the band members still get together once a year for a barbecue to discuss band business. We’ve also seen those ties play out over the past year with Ray Toro working with both Gerard Way and Iero on separate projects.

Though it’s unclear exactly what Joe Jonas saw at said rehearsal, the most likely explanation is that Iero was working toward his Barriers album with his current band, Frank Iero and the Future Violents. Gerard Way was also quite active releasing music toward the end of 2018 as well. Stay up to date with Iero’s touring here.

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