Get ready for Future User, the new band featuring Rage Against the Machine bassist Tim Commerford and guitarist Jordan Tarlow. The group has been raising a few eyebrows under the radar with their button-pushing music videos and their latest clip, 'Mountain Lion,' definitely is worth your attention.

We say under the radar because the identity of the band members in previous clips had remained under wraps as the central figure was a masked character named S.W.I.M. The shrouded figure introduced viewers to waterboarding (with special guest John McEnroe no less) in 'Clockwork,' farming horrors in 'Medication Nation,' and an Orwellian big brother society in 'Supernatural.'

For their latest clip, the duo take on steroids and doping in the video for 'Mountain Lion,' which also unmasks S.W.I.M.' as none other than Commerford in a fiery conclusion. The video also features a guest cameo by Commerford's cycling buddy, Lance Armstrong, who trash talks the rocker's workout.

In the video, Commerford juices as he skateboards through the streets, parking garages, valleys and beaches of Los Angeles. Speaking about the clip with Loudwire, Commerford says, "At the end of the day, the message that we're trying to get across with this journey that this guy who we call 'S.W.I.M.' who is sort of our superhero that we have, that ties everything together. He's on a journey. It's entertaining, hopefully, and at the end of the video the real message comes to light. And that is, don't be distracted by doping in sports and don't think that doping in sports is actually important enough for presidents to talk about. It's really not. What's really important is something like heroin. We're over there in Afghanistan funding drug lords to grow poppies and now heroin is on the rise here in America on the highest level ever killing people here, incarcerating people here. To me, that's a real issue."

As for the stunts, Commerford says it was really him being set on fire at the end of the video, as well as all the skateboarding and his actual doping in the clip. "It wasn't movie magic, that was the real thing," says the musician. "We're making our own videos, we don't have a film crew. We're not able to fake it. So the easiest way to make a cool video if you want to try to show something. Ok, well how do you dope? How do you do injections? How do you blood dope? The easiest way is to just do it. So I did it."

Commerford also spoke about the reasons for keeping the band member identities under wraps for so long. He says in a press statement, "I wanted this to be more about music than personality. That meant launching this project without letting people know it was me. Fair or not, we knew the songs would immediately draw comparisons to my past work, so it was important to let the music begin with a life of its own. We started releasing songs four months ago, so it feels like a good time to now let the cat out of the bag. Hopefully fans will be intrigued and go back and check out the other songs and videos and give them life all over again."

Future User are preparing to release their first album, '#SteroidsOrHeroin,' on Feb. 24. The disc is available for pre-order here. Stay tuned for our full interview with Future User's Tim Commerford and Jordan Tarlow coming shortly.

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