Wakrat released their self-titled debut album late last year, and the trio, fronted by Tim Commerford, have now unveiled the video for the album's leadoff track "Sober Addiction." The clip mixes humor with political awareness, with Commerford dressed up as a middle finger walking into different businesses and institutions that raise his ire.

In visiting everything from retail stores to big banks to pharmaceutical companies to religious institutions, Commerford provokes a variety of reactions. There also shots of protesters holding signs that include messages such as "Never Surrender."

Commerford previously spoke with Loudwire about the song, stating, "The lyric that I’m saying at the end of that is 'What are you looking at? You don’t give a f–k about me.' That means something to me. That means, that’s me as a child. I had an abusive father and that’s how I felt when he looked at me and that’s the woman in France who’s not allowed to wear her Burqa to the beach. That’s her. That’s her looking at those people that are judging her for what she’s wearing, telling her that she cannot wear it."

He continues, "Like, what the f–k are you looking at? You don’t give a f–k about me. It’s a graphic statement, it can be very aggressive when said in the right way. But it’s also very emotional and I don’t think there’s a better way to say it."

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