Music is about passion, and that passion definitely flows within Wakrat. But during the band's recent tour finale, singer-bassist Tim Commerford and drummer Mathias Wakrat let that passion turn into an onstage tussle right as their set was ending.

As seen in the Instagram video below, the band's performance was coming to a conclusion with Commerford feeling a little combative and telling the crowd, "If you don't like us ..." before flipping the finger. He then removes his bass, and dives head first into Wakrat as the drummer is pounding away on the skins. As Wakrat attempts to regain his composure, you see part of the kit coming loose and Commerford emerging from the ground before the drummer holds him off and tackles him to the ground.

In the aftermath, the band posted a photo of Commerford and Wakrat, with the singer-bassist sporting a few cuts to the face and looking a little worse for wear. See that post above.

We spoke with Commerford for an interview about Wakrat's new album that will be posted shortly, but also asked about the incident seen above. "Mathias is a very intense dude," Commerford explains. "He's very passionate about music and while we're playing music, as much as we are a punk band and the spirit of punk rock is there both in the music and the lyrics, we're also very rehearsed. There is some music that has some odd timing and you just have to rehearse that and we sort of get into moments either after shows or during where it's like, 'Hey dude, you screwed up that part and the train came off the tracks.'"

He continues, "During that last show, there was a difference of opinion on who f--ked up. And he's an intense dude and so am I (laughs), so there was eye contact made where he was like, 'Dude what are you doing?' and I'm like, 'Dude, what are you doing?' And so afterward, I just went after him and just leaped over his drums to sort of get to him and ended up hitting his back. I don't know how I got that many cuts on my face, but that's the way it goes when you mix an American and two French people together. Ultimately, that s--t's gonna happen," says Commerford with a laugh.

Wakrat just completed a tour in which they opened dates for Commerford's other band, Prophets of Rage. The band's punk and prog-infused self-titled debut album is due Nov. 11. Stay tuned for our full chat with Tim Commerford about Wakrat's forthcoming disc.

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