Wakrat, fronted by Rage Against the Machine bassist Tim Commerford, have released a new song and more information about their debut album. Listen to the track "Sober Addiction" above. They also recently unveiled the video for "Generation F--ked" that you can watch below.

As for their self-titled album, it will be released via Earache Records digitally on Election Day, which is Tuesday, November 8. The CD and vinyl release will follow on November 11. Take a look at the track listing below. Pre-orders are available at this location.

Commerford says that "Sober Addiction" was his "knee-jerk denial of opportunities in his life." He says, "All the things that I said no to, that I should have given a shot, tried out, said yes. Tried it different. Done it differently. And then where would I be today?"

Wakrat are in the midst of the "Make America Rage Again" tour with Prophets of Rage that wraps up Oct. 14 in Las Vegas.

The trek finds Commerford pulling double duty, as he is in both Wakrat and Prophets of Rage. In an interview with Rolling Stone, he talked about playing songs with his new band versus playing Rage Against the Machine songs that everyone already knows.

"I really feel like Wakrat is a mental and a personal strain," Commerford says. "The lyrics are real: They come from me, they mean something to me, and I'm obviously not a lyricist in the Prophets of Rage or Rage Against the Machine, so it's different."

He continues, "I'm a bass player first and foremost and that's where these bands cross and I'm so proud of what I'm doing in both bands. But like I said, one is more of a physical strain, the Prophets of Rage is more an aerobic, musical, bass-player thing. Whereas Wakrat is more of a mental strain for my brain and for my heart, you know. It's different and I'm excited to see how it works out."

The "Make America Rage Again" tour makes a stop tonight (Aug. 23) in Montreal, Canada.

Wakrat, Wakrat Track Listing:

1. "Sober Addiction"
2. "The Number"
3. "Generation F-ed"
4. "Nail in the Snail"
5. "La Liberté ou la Mort"
6. "The Thing"
7. "Knucklehead"
8. "New Clear"
9. "Pigs in a Blanket"

Wakrat - "Generation F--ked' Video

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