Gary Holt has been busy touring with Slayer over the last few years, but that doesn't mean new Exodus music isn't underway. According to the guitarist, the band's new material is "brutal" and "fast as fuck."

Exodus's last release was 2014's Blood In, Blood Out, and Holt says he and drummer Tom Hunting have been writing music for a follow-up album for a while. "We're just taking our time. We're in no hurry. It's been four years, and if it takes two more, we're gonna spend the time and do it right," he told MetalCasino.

As for the mood of the material, Holt affirms it's "just savage...It should be illegal, it's so heavy. It's fucking criminal. Brutal, fast as fuck."

"Right now, my focus is on [Slayer]. I've got other projects I put on the back burner as well, like projects with other friends. Maybe I'll do that dance album — an electronic album," Holt jokes. "I'm kidding, but not on the dance part because I'm a funky motherfucker."

Watch the full interview below.

Holt became a full-time member of Slayer back in 2013 after he had been filling in for Jeff Hanneman for two years. Slayer are currently touring in Europe and will return to the U.S. for a few festival performances in the fall. See the dates here.

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