Someone please give Gary Holt a talk show? Maybe a podcast at least? The Slayer and Exodus guitarist has routinely sounded off on the Kardashian/Jenner sisters and despite wearing and selling shirts that say "Kill the Kardashians," he's gone on the record saying he doesn't actually hate them, just the people who got them to where they are today. He sounded off on the current state of rap too.

When dropping in at Rock City Music Company in Livonia, Michigan on May 18 for a clinic (audio below), Holt performed a bit and told some stories to the crowd, offering hot takes on rap music and, later, the Kardashians.

He admitted to liking "old-school rap" and that in the early days rappers "used to actually have rhythm" and were "funky." Holy went on, "Fucking now, the shit is… they're not even in time; they don't even rhyme [edit: smooth scheme there, Mr. Holt]. It's fucked up."

Commenting on the heavily tattooed image of young rappers today, Holt addressed someone in the crowd, stating, "Look, you're a young dude, right? You want a career in music? Go tattoo the fuck out of your face. You'll be a fucking rap star. That's what dudes looked like when they passed out on the bus — we'd Sharpie the fuck out of you. And now that's what they look like on purpose. It's crazy. They're all fucking Sharpied up."

He chalks up rap's overwhelming success to the age of status-obsessed social media. "Rappers — I'm friends with some and I love a lot of 'em, but they've always been about, 'Look what I've got. Look at my diamonds and shit,'" Holt relayed. "I saw a news article — it was about some 18-year-old rapper who bought a Rolls-Royce so he could smash the windshields out and put it on Instagram. All right, you're a fucking asshole, you're dumb, and I hope you run out of money and you're fucking sucking dick behind a dumpster for money later. So, fuck you."

Changing topics, Holt was then asked what he'd do with five minutes alone with Kim Kardashian, but didn't threaten violence like his "Kill the Kardashians" shirts would suggest. "Not what your filthy mind is thinking. I wouldn't hurt her," the guitarist said before clearing the air on where his disdain truly lies.

"You know, I don't hate the Kardashians," Holt confessed, "No, I don't. I hate the people that have made them famous — us. I hate the fact that people are so enamored and just fascinated with the glorious lifestyles of the rich and famous that they would elevate them to this status. Now she's gonna be a lawyer. If she passes the bar exam, I don't believe it. It's a lie and she paid someone off. Look at Kylie Jenner's natural lips, and look at those balloons she has now. All right, it's really ridiculous. It's ugly. You look ugly."

Expressing his personal taste and its interwoven nature with him being a metalhead, hot-take-Holt offered, "I'm sorry — I find beauty in natural things. I don't think a lab-created rat looks attractive. Be yourselves. We're metalheads, right? I find beauty in the freaks and outcasts of the world, and that's what makes us us. And the minute we band together and we fucking take up arms, we'll take fucking music back."

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