Jimmy Kimmel is not only one of the reigning kings of late night, he can now add super sleuth to his long resume. The funnyman recently exposed a story on Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale's latest 'passion project' -- a secret desire to pen masterful game show theme songs.

Although Bush released their new album ‘The Sea of Memories’ on Sept. 13 and the band is currently out on the road in support of it, according to the mockumentary, Rossdale still has a longing deep within to write songs for cream-of-the-crop game show hosts Bob Barker, Alex Trebek and the late, great Gene Rayburn. As Rossdale astutely pointed out, “No one could ever hold a skinny microphone like Gene Rayburn did on Match Game!”

In the recent 'expose,' Rossdale goes on record to admit that once he wrote a Bush-ified version of the ‘Come On Down’ theme for 'The Price is Right,' he was hooked. He went from game show to game show until he landed the mother lode, “I got the call I really always dreamed of, possibly the biggest show of them all -- Jeopardy."

In the video below, you can check out Rossdale’s catchy Jeopardy theme song. but in the end, the ditty just didn’t cut the mustard. Let’s face it, no one puts Trebek in a corner and with lyrics like, “This is the final Jeopardy song / It does not go on for very long / This is the final jeopardy song /Alex Trebek smokes from a bong,” Rossdale was booted from the Jeopardy set before anyone could ring in with “What is 'Glycerine!'”

After the getting the ax from Trebek and company, Rossdale has given up his dreams of game show glory, admitting “really that was the end of my career -- now I write songs for apps and I think it’s the future.”

Speaking of apps, he’s already in the thick of the writing process with a new tune for the addictive game 'Angry Birds.' According to Rossdale, “I think people will approach 'Angry Birds' in a completely different way once I’m done with it.”  Indeed we shall Gavin, indeed we shall.

Watch Gavin Rossdale Belt Out Game Show Theme Songs