Rush's Geddy Lee is a triple threat — able to play some of the world's best and most complex bass lines with shocking ease, deploy his daring and ambitious vocal theatrics at will and, somehow, work out all the synth arrangements onstage all at the same time. In celebration of this living legend on his birthday, we look back at the rocker's distinct looks through the years with a series of photos.

Yes, that even means highlighting Rush's mid-to-late '80s era where mullets were the group's mainstay as the band dabbled in New Wave dalliances, padding their cerebral but accessible brand of prog rock with synths that were both atmospheric and prominent drivers of melody.

But back in the '70s, Geddy Lee had some of the best hair in rock, truly one of the all-time follicle fallacies as he's constantly left out of that conversation amid the glam rockers that dominated MTV.

Step into the limelight of the working man and see photos of Geddy Lee through the years directly below.

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