Gemini Syndrome are back with a powerful new music statement and visual as they team up with Loudwire to exclusively premiere their video for the single "Remember We Die."

In the Brian Cox-directed clip seen above, a young blonde woman is seen seizing on a hospital bed and being tended to by a group of surgeons. As a mask is placed over her face, she's transported into another dimension as she serves as a guardian angel of sorts, stopping others from actions that could end their lives.

The song itself is a hard yet melodic track that speaks about the preciousness of life, offering a reminder that death is coming one day, but there's plenty of time to see the other side, as vocalist Aaron Nordstrom sings in the song.

Nordstrom and drummer Brian Steele Medina tell Loudwire, "Our video for 'Remember We Die' tells the story of someone dying, crossing the veil, and in that state, intervenes in people's lives to help save them from themselves. She moves from story to story, stopping time and altering the realities of the people who are struggling to bring her back to life -- situations like suicide, drug use, and the mindless numbing so many people struggle with. After giving them their lives back she wakes up alone in the hospital room to find herself alive again."

They continue, "Brian Cox, who is a good friend of ours and has worked with us before, directed the video. He is definitely a visionary artist, and his unique and creative outlook was a perfect fit. Jessie Musmecci, who was the lead character in our video, 'Basement,' returned to star in 'Remember We Die.' We took the time to put together a beautiful and intense visual story that outlines the meaning of the song, and the concept of the album, Memento Mori, which is latin for 'Remember We Die.' Being conscious of our mortality, should serve as a great motivator to reach for every goal, live life to its fullest, and not take any moment for granted. Cherish those around you, and cherish yourself."

"Remember We Die" follows on the heels of the recently released video for "Anonymous." If you like what you hear, then be sure to pre-order the Memento Mori disc. It's available to pre-order via Amazon, iTunes and via Gemini Syndrome's PledgeMusic pre-order page with a number of special incentives.

The band is spending the summer on tour with Stitched Up Heart and 9Electric. Dates for their touring can be seen below.

Gemini Syndrome With Stitched Up Heart + 9Electric Tour Dates

7/19 -- St Louis, Mo. — Firebird
7/20 -- Valparaiso, Ind. — Big Shots
7/21 -- Crest Hill, Ill. — Bada Brew
7/22 -- Green Bay, Wis. — Sandlot
7/23 -- Flint, Mich. — The Machine Shop
7/25 -- Cleveland, Ohio — Agora
7/26 -- Pittsburgh, Pa. — Diesel
7/29 -- Lancaster, Pa. — Chameleon
7/30 -- Poughkeepsie, N.Y. — The Chance
8/2 -- Amityville, N.Y. — Revolution
8/3 -- Stanhope, N.J. — Stanhope House
8/4 -- Virginia Beach, Va. — Shakas Live
8/5 -- Boonsboro, Md. — Boonsboro Event Center
8/6 -- Salsbury, Md. Headquarter Live
8/9 -- Spartanburg, S.C. — Gound Zero
8/11 -- Dallas, Texas — Trees
8/12 -- San Antonio, Texas — Fitzgerald's
8/13 -- Houston, Texas — Scout Bar
8/17 -- Oklahoma City, Okla. — Thunder Alley
8/19 -- Idaho Falls, Idaho — The Falls
9/4 -- Madison, Wis. — Taste Of Madison
9/24 -- Houston, Texas — Houston Open Air

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