Slash, Slipknot, Rob Zombie -- you have some company! KISS' Gene Simmons is the latest rocker to dip his toes into the world of horror movies. The legendary musician revealed during an appearance on the Talk Is Jericho podcast with Chris Jericho that his latest venture includes a series of horror films.

"I have a film fund and we're starting the first of four right away," says Simmons. "The first one is Devil's Triangle and it starts shooting [in] May."

Simmons went on to tell Jericho, "I don't like slasher things. It's too easy to take a knife and open up a body and see guts. So what? I much prefer if it's a psychological horror, then it's like Psycho. If you ever see Psycho, you never actually see a knife entering a body and there are no monsters, but it's all psychological horror cause you're always scared to death." Simmons also cited Insidious as one of his favorite psychological thrillers.

The rocker says he also prefers fantasy, adding his fondness for a book called Stranger in a Strange Land and the film Death Takes a Holiday about the intricacies of humanity and mortality

And speaking about the nature of humanity and mortality, Simmons discussed his own. When he dies, Simmons doesn't see his passing as a somber occasion. "Why shouldn't people celebrate your life than mourn your death," says Simmons. "If you had a good life, have a party. That's what I've got in my will. Forget about the tears and stuff. I'm paying for a party. Whoopee! I had a great ride."

The rocker says he likely wouldn't get buried in a KISS Kasket, but would probably have his ashes scattered somewhere. "I had my turn. It's not about me. Like people had the pyramids for the pharaohs. Even after I'm gone, I want you to know that I was here," says Simmons. "If I do have a tombstone, it'll probably say, 'Thank you and good night.'"

To hear more of Simmons in-depth talk with Chris Jericho, check out the Talk Is Jericho podcast from Podcast One below.

KISS' Gene Simmons on Talk Is Jericho From Podcast One

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