They are two of the more outspoken musicians in rock, never ones to back off making eyebrow-raising statements, and they've co-existed in the same band since the '70s. We're talking about KISS' Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, who've managed to keep the KISS train rolling through a legendary career despite the occasional differences in opinions and public critiques of each other. So what is the secret to maintaining that relationship?

In a recent chat with Goldmine Magazine, Gene Simmons was asked about his relationship with Stanley, especially after his bandmate had some harsh things to say in his book. "You have to figure out that the person next to you isn’t you," says Simmons. "So sometimes you don’t understand why I might have a different appetite than him. I make no excuses for having a record company and now a film company. Our first film was just finished and it stars Anne Heche, Wesley Snipes; it’s a good movie and I’ll be doling lots of them. I wanted to act and produce records and have a record company because I’m unapologetically insatiable. If I have an appetite for something I want it! But it is true, as other things take more time you don’t do your other stuff in KISS as well. So we do have a better relationship today because you live and you learn."

He continued, "You understand that despite it all we both share a great work ethic, we show up on time and do the work and we never 'Axl Rose' our way out of anything. I think the same way a 'Kardashian' became a 72-day long time reference, I think Axl deserves that thing that could become a verb, 'Don’t Axl your way out of this thing.' I think that’s appropriate."

The Rose dig comes in reference to a period in Guns N' Roses career where the band made headlines for multiple performances that were affected by tardiness. However, that reputation for show delays and late starts seems to have subsided, especially with GN'R's "Not in This Lifetime" tour that has earned raves from fans.

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