The members of Lostprophets were dealt a bad hand when their frontman Ian Watkins was accused and then convicted of child sex crimes, effectively ending the career of Lostprophets as we knew them. But Thursday vocalist Geoff Rickly is helping the remaining members of the band get a fresh start with the new group No Devotion.

Rickly tells that he initially had an idea to do a documentary on the band and their situation when the subject of new music came up. He explains, "I was talking to Karen, their manager and I kept saying, 'No, I'm not listening to their demo. I'm not interested in that line of fire.' After a while I did end up listening to their demo. I thought, 'Holy s--t, this is really good,' and I asked Karen who else they were thinking [about as a singer]. She said, 'Nobody, you're the guy.'"

Eventually Rickly agreed to fly out to meet them and they made their first recordings by February of 2013. Rickly says he was attracted to the sounds, adding, "Gloomy, morose Britpop has always been my thing. Getting to do that kind of music with Brits was like, 'This is awesome!'"

The frontman says that while he initially had some apprehension, that was assuaged once he met the band and realized what a bad deal they had been handed. He adds, "When it came out that Ian [Watkins] was guilty, Stu [Richardson] said, 'Man, you can quit now and we won’t be mad. You have a good reputation.' I said to him, 'You guys did nothing wrong. If I have a good reputation and I don’t use it to help out good people, then what f---ing good is that?' If I don’t risk it for people that I care about, then I’m just an a--hole."

While No Devotion are currently planning to release a 12-inch single for the song 'Stay' (listen below) later this month, Rickly says that a full album is on the schedule. The group is still in the process of writing their debut full-length, which may arrive by 2015.

Listen to No Devotion's 'Stay'

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