It's been a while since we've heard for former My Chemical Romance vocalist Gerard Way, but the musician is back just in time for Halloween with a new track. "Baby You're a Haunted House" just arrived, marking his first new music since 2016.

While the title may suggest something spooky, the song is anything but. This bouncy little number is very accessible and the type of song that may have you singing along unconsciously due to it's catchy nature.

Way had a little fun with his bandmates, enlisting Claire Marie Vogel to shoot a lyric video in which the singer and his group are dressed in dark suits, all while wearing cracked skeleton masks and boney skeleton gloves, giving a darker visual to contrast to the bouncy song.

Way says, “Hey all! I wrote a song called 'Baby You’re a Haunted House' about all our inner ghosts and demons and what it feels like being in love and having to deal with your own internal horror show. I tried not to really overthink it too much as I really wanted to start getting music out into the world again and sharing my art."

He continues, "The haunted house [in the song artwork seen below] was built by a model maker named Damien Webb and it kind of inspired me to put the song out for Halloween, as it seemed fitting with the holiday. I hope you enjoy the song. It was a lot of fun to make and features my brother Mikey Way on bass, Tom Rasulo on drums, guitar and vocals by me, an additional guitar by Ian Fowles.” The track was also recorded by Doug McKean. If you like what you hear, you can pick up the song or stream it via the platform of your choosing right here.

While the new music is welcome, it has not been revealed as of yet when more songs or a full album from Way might be coming.

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