A new message from the clergy has arrived and in this video, it appears Ghost have a new leader — one not from the papal bloodline, which has taken the most recent Papa Emeritus by shock. Now, meet Cardinal Copia.

"Oh Sister, you can not be serious," says a ghastly and time-weathered Papa Emeritus when his heir apparent arrives, boombox held over his should playing suspenseful classical music. The Cardinal comes across as timid and slightly aloof, standing before Papa and one of Ghost's Sisters of Sin with a blank stare. The Sister reminds Papa he has no descendants, so breaking the bloodline with his successor is a must. It's also revealed that the Cardinal is his "right hand man" and "next senior most member." Even better — he holds "the esteemed honor of second-most employee of the month awards."

Papa Emeritus laments the decision, but realizes he has no other options left and instructs the Cardinal to bow in front of him. After being sworn in, Cardinal Copia shakes the hands of Papa and the Sister, gives a nod of thanks and walks off, powering his boombox back up.

It's an interesting turn in Ghost's saga as they prepare to unleash their fourth album, though very little about the upcoming record is known. The band will embark on a headlining U.S. run in May and for a list of all the scheduled dates, head here.

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