Ever get stuck at your school's talent show watching the same tired acts again and again? Ghost (aka Ghost B.C.) feel your pain, so for the heavy metal cult's "Cirice" music video, they invade a talent show stage for some heavy indoctrination.

The video starts off with a Dario Argento feel, taking the viewer inside the St. Elizabeth Primary School Annual Student Talent Show. (Fans of Opus Eponymous may get that reference) Students bring somewhat underwhelming performances to the show, dabbling in magic, hula hooping and dog tricks. Though many in the crowd are seen enjoying themselves, a select few remain unimpressed -- that is, until Ghost take the stage.

Though Ghost introduced fans to new vocalist Papa Emeritus III at a show in Sweden last week, the "Cirice" clip provides the world's first glimpse at Papa Emeritus as a youth. Though his backing band of nameless ghouls remain pretty much the same, Papa is noticeably tiny in comparison, gaining his stage chops just as any other aspiring rock star would -- through his school's talent show.

In "Cirice," a young girl is captivated by Ghost's performance, eventually reaching out to Papa Emeritus III as he sings to her. Though the crowd begins to turn against Ghost, the little girl will not allow her new saviors to be lambasted. This leads to an homage to the horror classic Carrie. Using psychokinesis, she seals the auditorium exits and gains mental control over audience members.

To check "Cirice" out for yourself and to see how it ends, watch Ghost's new clip above! The band's third studio album, Meliora, will see an Aug. 21 release date.