Glenn Danzig just turned 60 years old, but that didn't stop him from flexing his muscles on an unruly fan. TMZ has posted video of the Danzig frontman putting a man in a headlock. Allegedly, the lead singer did this to prevent the guy from taking photos and video of him and his bandmates while outside of their tour bus.

You’ll see two clips in the video above. The first shows the frontman taking a fan’s phone during their concert in Pomona, Calif., on July 11. Apparently, the band makes it clear that they enforce a ‘no photography’ rule during their concerts and one of the concertgoers was clearly ignoring that policy. The second involves the lead singer and that same fan, who's name is Navid Farsi, by the group's tour bus. According to TMZ, Farsi tried to get on the band’s tour bus with his camera and Danzig stopped Farsi by putting him in a headlock.

During the altercation the video above gets shaky and blurry, but before that you see and hear Farsi ask Danzig “You don’t like being photographed?” to which the singer replies “Hell, no.” A few moments later the metal legend puts Farsi in a headlock and someone off camera asks “What happened?” to which Danzig is heard saying “This guy was being an a--hole.”

This isn’t the first time Farsi has pushed the boundaries to get attention while around a celebrity. In May, he was arrested for throwing powdered sugar at pop band Maroon 5’s lead singer Adam Levine. According to TMZ, Farsi was not arrested after this altercation.

Danzig are touring throughout the rest of this month. They perform in Dallas, Texas tomorrow (7/17). Head to Ticketmaster to check out their remaining dates and grab tickets to their shows.

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