Hardcore Misfits / Glenn Danzig fans will get a kick out of this. More than three decades after Glenn Danzig left the Misfits, the horror punk frontman has donned skull makeup.

Though the Misfits still exist with sole founding member Jerry Only, Danzig hasn't fronted the iconic act since 1983. Classic members such as guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein and drummer Robo have returned for reunions in the past, but Glenn never looked back, focusing on the successful Samhain and Danzig projects instead.

However, for Danzig's upcoming cover album Skeletons, which is set for release later this year, Glenn has tapped into his Halloween side. Glenn shared a photo of himself in skull makeup earlier today (May 28) via his Facebook page (see below). Interestingly, for the most part Danzig never really wore makeup like this while in the Misfits, but he says in the post that it's the "1st time in Skull Face since Misfits '79-'80." The Skull Face, aka the Crimson Ghost, has been the band's iconic logo for years.

Danzig is currently planning to release a fresh album for Fall 2015 along with the long-awaited covers record. Danzig is also working on an EP of Elvis Presley covers.

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